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Law for “Strengthening Transparency in the Petroleum Sector”

It is a comprehensive law that sets out a number of rules aimed at strengthening transparency and accountability and countering corruption in the Lebanese petroleum sector. The law addresses weaknesses identified in the currently applicable laws and elements that are not currently regulated, but that we would expect to form part of implementation of the 2016 EITI Standard in Lebanon.

While the law is considered an excellent cornerstone for establishing transparency and accountability in Lebanon’s petroleum sector, it still needs two main components that will render it effective and implementable.

  1. Establishment of the Higher Commission for Anti Corruption: This entity is responsible for overseeing the proper implementation of the law

  2. Implementing decrees for the law: As is the case with several laws, the articles in this law are general in nature, and thus require specific implementing decrees to become functional and manageable.


LOGI’s goal:

  1. The ratification of the law for the establishment of the Higher Commission for Anti-Corruption by Parliament.

  2. Passing of the relevant implementing decrees for the law by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Law for “Strengthening Transparency in the Petroleum Sector”

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