Hariri commits to include civil society in the review of oil and gas draft laws

On December 21st, 2017, the Lebanese Oil & Gas Initiative’s President received a public commitment from the Prime Minister to delay the passing of several important new draft laws regarding the oil and gas sector and to consult civil society Organizations in the review of these laws.

During the conference held by LIFE and Endeavor at the Four Seasons’ Hotel today, and in an unprecedented move, Mr. Georges Sassine, Co-founder and President of the Board of the Lebanese Initiative for Oil & Gas (LOGI) obtained a public commitment from his excellency the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr. Saad Hariri, to delay the passing of four important draft laws related to the Oil and Gas sector, namely, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Law, the Onshore Law, the National Oil Company and The Directorate for Petroleum Assets.

Mr. Sassine stated that the current draft laws have major flaws, and that Parliament should not rush to pass them. He further stated that Civil Society should be consulted about these draft laws before their approval.

His Excellency Prime Minister Saad Hariri fully agreed and invited LOGI and other civil society organizations to work with the council of ministers in jointly reviewing these proposed new laws. PM Hariri stated that “ the Government wants to take these draft laws to the Council of Ministers, to study them better, because there are real problems in these draft laws […] We would like to work together to address any gaps in these draft laws.”

“This is an excellent development to ensure a full participatory effort by all stakeholders in reviewing these laws” stated Mr. Sassine.


LOGI is an independent Lebanese NGO promoting the transparent management of Lebanon’s Oil and Gas resources.

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