LOGI sends letters to 128 MPs
on 10/12/2016

If we want an oil and gas sector that benefits all Lebanese citizens, the LOGI team believes that we need two important pillars: informed citizens and informed decision-makers.

As part of several campaigns that we are launching, a team of LOGI student volunteers sent letters to all 128 Lebanese Members of Parliament to inform them of LOGI's mission, our fear that corruption could plague the sector, and our willingness to partner with them to set the right laws.

You can download LOGI’s letter on this link.

Did any Lebanese MPs answer the letters?

Out of 128 parliamentarians LOGI received positive answers from three MPs and political parties.

The first was a letter from MP Marwan Hamadeh who is the head of Parliament’s environmental committee. His letter can be accessed here.

LOGI also met with MP Joseph Maalouf, from the Lebanese Forces. He is in the process of issuing a draft law enabling transparency in the oil and gas sector.

As well, the Kataeb party who expressed interest in learning more about LOGI’s mission and how to leverage the network of Lebanese experts to shape the industry.

Next steps

While this was a first small step in reaching out to MPs and testing their responsiveness, LOGI is preparing to launch a scaled advocacy campaign and will be reaching out in person to all Lebanese political parties and stakeholders. Over the next few months the team will be shaping its policy agenda and launching several initiatives to attempt and influence Lebanon’s oil and gas policies.

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