What has LOGI been up to? [September 2020]
on 9/29/2020

In partnership with the International Center for Not For Profit Law and Publish What you Pay, LOGI launched an online campaign that advocates for the implementation of a Public consultation process in Lebanon. 

Ever since January 2020, LOGI has supported the development of a Public Consultation Law to ensure that an inclusive, participatory approach is followed throughout the legislation and ratification of laws and regulations. Therefore, this month, LOGI has launched the main campaign to raise awareness on the importance of civil society’s active participation in the decision making process highlighting ways through which people can participate such as the public consultation law.

Different stakeholders were involved in this campaign to support it and make sure that it reaches the largest number of Lebanese citizens and solidify the concept of public consultation in their minds. Moving forward, each stakeholder will support the campaign from his own entity and will work on different activities to promote the law making sure it reaches all Lebanese citizens. 

LOGI also launched a series of online webinars with legal expert Fatima Karaki and others to unfold the public consultations processes and legal requirements. The first webinar was done in collaboration with Impact Lebanon tackling Lebanese diaspora to also ensure the support of international entities. 

On the other hand, LOGI held an online webinar this month on how to understand the Lebanese EPA contracts in the presence of Me. Malek Takieddine who tackled different aspects of this topic: 

1. Understanding our EPAs. 

2. Explaining key features of the EPAs used for the 1st licensing round. 

3. Reviewing the EPAs prepared and approved for the 2nd Licensing round. 

4. Reviewing the impact of COVID on the current fiscal terms of the EPAs.

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