Public Consultation Draft Law - Brief
on 12/16/2020

لقراءة موجز قانون المشاورات العامة باللغة العربية، اضغت هنا

In January 2020, LOGI started developing a public consultation draft law with the legal expert Fatima Karaki. 

This law proposes a clear and effective plan that ensures the participation of the public in the decision making process especially when it comes to ratifying laws. 

Ever since it was done, LOGI launched a series of public consultation webinars where we introduced the draft draft law to different communities and amended it based on some very interesting comments we received. 

Read now the brief of the law by clicking on: Download Original Article PDF below

Please note that to protect this draft law, we won't be publishing it online until it is submitted to the parliament for ratification. 



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