Hungarian PM Meets Suleiman, Miqati: There Can Be No Stability in Region without Stable Lebanon

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban highlighted on Thursday the importance of Lebanon's role in the Middle East, while hoping to bolster ties Lebanese-Hungarian ties.

He said after meeting Premier Najib Miqati at the Grand Serail: “There can be no stability in the region without a stable Lebanon.”

He described his talks with Miqati as a success, revealing that a number of trade and cooperation agreements had been signed.

“Lebanon's political system is very important and we have directed great attention to the country given the regional situation,” he said.

For his part, Miqati said: “This was a successful trip seeing as both sides are keen on bolstering economic ties and this issue will be followed up by the concerned ministries and authorities.”

On the situation in Syria, he explained during his meeting with Orban Lebanon's policy of disassociation regarding the situation in Syria.

He remarked: “Priority should be placed in ending the bloodshed in Syria and then reaching a political solution.”

Orban had arrived in Lebanon on Wednesday where he held talks earlier on Thursday with President Michel Suleiman and Speaker Nabih Berri.

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